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When the Rittscher.com website first launched, a number of family members signed up for email acounts at the domain. This was fairly successful. About 50 people ended up with email accounts. We listed those email addresses on the website as a courtesy to other family members as a way to help connect people in the family.

Family members were not the only ones who used these email addresses. People in business sending spam email also used those adddresses. The Rittscher.com email addresses we listed started to receive too much spam and have fallen into disuse! For this and other reasons of privacy we will no longer be publicly listing the email address or contact information of family members.

In 2009, a new email service will be created that will be confidential to only those people who are signed up as family members. The new account based service will allow authentic family members to create an account, add their contact information and a bio, including picures and family portraits, to contribute to the family tree, and to find other family members. The service will start simple and be extended over time.

All pre-existing email addresses will be notified before any changes are made to the email service.

No fees will ever be charged for a @Rittscher.com account, email address or service. This website will remain a free resource dedicated to providing information about the Rittscher family name for all members of the Rittscher family worldwide.