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If you would like to provide feedback, translations, or perform research to help build the quality, accuracy and interest in this site, please help! You could help with some of the following areas.

Making suggestions

The content contained on this site should not be the work of one person. Share your thoughts, provide feedback or ideas. Express your disdain with the content on the site if you so desire! (Though hopefully not). Please email your thoughts to konzept2009@rittscher.com Your input will be considered in the evolution of this site. All email addresses and opinions will be kept confidential.

Doing local research

You can help by checking local sources of information for information regarding date of birth and death, family history, immigration and other genealogical information. Suggestions for change or addition to the family tree can be sent to the same feedback address konzept2009@rittscher.com.

Building and maintaining the family tree.

The family tree is always growing and changing and needs to be kept up to date. You can help by becoming a Rittscher Family Tree Guardian. A Guardian is someone who makes a long term commitment to help keep the family tree up to date and as accurate as possible. The gaurdian will review change requests, examine documentation and have access to add the documents and changes to the family tree.

Write interesting stories about the Rittscher family.

Do you know a Rittscher family member with an interesting story? Then why not write a brief couple of paragraphs about that person to add to the family tree?

Translate pages to other languages such as German, Spanish, or French.

The content of this website does not change very often. Would you be interested in helping to properly translate new content from English to another langauge?